Commencement 2020: Important Information

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Honors Day begins at 9 a.m. and Commencement begins at 5 p.m. Both activities will take place under the large white tent on Babcock Field. The expectation is that all seniors will be on campus no later than 8:45 a.m. for Honors Day and 3:45 p.m. for the 4 p.m. Commencement photo on Arden Lawn. Following the Commencement ceremony, there will be a reception on the field.

Honors Day and Commencement Attire
  • Honors Day attire is nice casual.
  • Navy Commencement gown, with orange and white graduation cords provided by Polytechnic School. Commencement gowns need to be returned at the end of the ceremony. Commencement gowns are worn over either slacks and shirt or a dress.
  • Please, no sunglasses, gum-chewing, flower leis, flowers in the hair, or cameras on stage during the ceremony.
  • Questions regarding attire may be directed to Jennifer Fleischer.

Commencement Tickets
An online request form for Commencement tickets will be available beginning Friday, May 1, at 9 am; deadline to submit requests is Sunday, May 10, at 5 pm. Seats will be assigned in the order requests are received. To ensure that every family has seating and to create a smooth process, we have developed the following policies for Commencement seating:
  • Each graduate may reserve up to six seats in the priority seating area in the front section of the audience.
  • Each graduate may reserve up to six seats in the reserved seating area, directly behind the reserved seating area.
  • The allotment of 12 seats is per student, not household. We ask that you only reserve as many seats as you absolutely need.
  • The seating behind those areas is open seating and is available to guests on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We can accommodate wheelchair seating only if given advance notice. Otherwise, your guest may not be able to sit with the rest of your party.
Ticket orders will be mailed. Tickets can also be picked up after the Honors Day program, or at 4 pm just prior to Commencement. Guests will be seated by student ushers. If you find you have reserved seats that you no longer need, please return the tickets to the ticket table so they may be used by guests who do not have reservations. Please advise your unreserved guests of this service.

Ordering Printed Invitations and Calling Cards

Each student will receive one complimentary printed invitation. If you wish to order additional printed invitations ($1.50 each), you may do so online at PolyPay by Friday, April 3. You may also order calling cards (small cards with the student’s name) to enclose with the invitations; these are $42 per hundred (the smallest quantity available) and come in a variety of typestyles. A sample of these typestyles is available on the invitation/calling card information form.
Please note: Prices increase after Friday, April 3. While a small amount of open stock will be available, orders placed after April 3 cannot be guaranteed.

Diploma and Program
Seniors received an email through which they confirmed the spelling and pronunciation of their names to be used for all Commencement-related materials and activities. The student name on Poly transcripts is the name that will appear on the diploma.

Class Photo
Graduates must arrive at Arden Lawn no later than 3:45 pm for the class picture. All families will receive a complimentary copy of the class photo in the mail.

Honors Day and Commencement Photography and Video
To allow families to enjoy the celebration, the Communications Department will be taking photos of both Honors Day and Commencement, including seniors receiving their diplomas, and will make them available on the photo archive on MyPoly. In addition, Poly has contracted Pacific Video to record the Commencement ceremony, and all families will receive a complimentary link to the digital video.

Parking will be available in the underground parking garage on the North Campus, accessible from Wilson Avenue. Shuttles will be available for those who require assistance, and there is access to an elevator in the center of the garage. If someone in your family has a special need for a handicapped parking space, please submit your request online; deadline to request special parking is Monday, June 1.

Commencement will begin promptly at 5 pm, so please allow time for parking, picking up tickets, and finding your seats. We ask that you kindly help us to be good neighbors by obeying all traffic laws and by not parking on the adjacent residential streets. We strongly encourage utilizing services such as Uber or Lyft. We also ask that you share this information with any guests who will be attending. Thank you for your cooperation.
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