Engaging with the world: Global Initiatives at the Middle School

In every division, Poly’s Global Initiatives Program (GIP) seeks to develop and instill within students the tools and experiences necessary so they may become considerate, contributing, and connected global citizens. At the Middle School, global awareness is reflected primarily through coursework, cultural interaction, and service learning initiatives.

Mission Statement

The Polytechnic School’s Global Initiatives Program supports the school’s mission and credo by fostering an interest in, an understanding of, and a respect for the dignity and worth of fellow human beings and their cultures worldwide. An understanding of the world calls for a willingness to learn through study, to reach out and communicate with one another in interaction, and to realize that we can help shape the future by service and listening. The Global Initiatives Program seeks to prepare all Poly graduates to live with confidence and good character in a rapidly changing and globally connected world.

Lessons and projects

The Global Initiatives Program encourages Middle School students to take risks by trying new school-supported programs and activities. This charge to participate in and experience diverse opportunities is manifested in the Middle School’s approach to global education. Beginning in sixth grade, Poly’s students are exposed to a wide variety of curricular offerings addressing international topics and global issues. Over the span of three years, students are exposed to global matters in all academic disciplines, including the arts and a seventh grade course titled World Geography and Cultures. The World Languages program is infused with culturally rich units that teach students about the diverse peoples in the places where the language is spoken. Language classes in French, Spanish, and Mandarin emphasize both linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding. In addition, the Middle School supports global education by utilizing Block, pen pal relationships, foreign films and field trips to local cultural and religious sites. The most intense and gratifying global experiences have included the hosting of students from France and collaborative interdisciplinary units.

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