Learning to help others: Community Outreach at the Lower School

Community Outreach in the Lower School is organized on a grade level basis, with each grade participating in an activity with coordination and assistance from parents and teachers. Recent projects have included the first grade penny drive, in which students conduct a school-wide drive to collect coins and then purchased items for the Families in Transition program organized by the Pasadena Unified School District, as well as the fifth grade food drive at Thanksgiving.


The mission of the program is to incorporate service learning into the classroom curriculum in an organized manner so students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that:
  • Meets the needs of a community;
  • Helps foster civic responsibility;
  • Enhances the core academic curriculum of the students;
  • Provides structured time for the students to reflect on the service experience.


The program is designed and taught collaboratively with the classroom teacher. Projects are in a variety of forms that include all students in a class.


The goals of the Community Outreach program in the Lower School are:
  • To help our students look beyond themselves and become aware of the larger community both locally and globally;
  • To develop a nurturing attitude and feeling of responsibility;
  • To give students a chance to discover that they can make a difference;
  • To develop the habit of giving.
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